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The  history of Thiru ‘ Azhagi Amman’ Temple  situated  at “Therkkil                 Kaavith    Thandalam”, Aaththoor  Paalaaru  Bank, (Kaanchipuram) Uttirameroor  Taluk, Chengalpat  District, Tamil Nadu.

Once upon a time the monster ‘Magisha Asura ‘was killed by  Mother ‘Atharvana Kaali’.  But the monster was appearing again and again in innumerable numbers from the blood drops spilled over on the spot where he was killed.  This annoyed the Mother Kaali .  She therefore drank all the blood  which was oozing out from the demon’s body.   The monster  weakened  with no more blood to survive and  he died.  The location was called Chengalpattu , because  the area  turned  red due to the  blood spilled over on the soil from the monster’s body.

As the mother Kaali was too furious, she was known as Adharvana  Kaali.  She could not be pacified even by Trimoorthis  and celestial lords.  At this point of time Thiru Agaththiar the sage short in his form was meditating in the ‘Podhigai’ mountainous range.  He came down at the instance of Lord Shiva with an assignment to even the tilt caused by the huge gathering in the Himalayas, on the eve of his marriage with the Mother Uma.   He visualised through his power of  foresight that  Mother Kaali was all aggressive and could not be pacified by anyone including the Mummoorthis  and  Devas.

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