About Temple

SHREE THRISHAKTHI DEVALAYA is situated in KalluDevana halli,Thippur post,Doddaballapura (TQ). Sri Sakthi Amma is the head of this temple and opened for public worship in 2015. The temple spreads across 6 acres. . Mahalakshmi,Saraswathi and Parvathi is the main idols of this temple . The temple is also known as Three Shakthi temple and is had huge lawns and lush green gardens within its premises. The design of this temple is similar to the shape of a Sri Chakra. Devotees have to use the star shaped pathway to get into the temple for darshan. The temple remains open from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM. Elders are charged at concessional rate. It is a great spiritual centre for the devotees. Several welfare activities are also done here. Greenery surrounding the temple makes it more attractive.

History of Temple

Goddess Shree Aadiparashakti stayed in KalluDevanahalli,Doddaballapura(TQ),Bengalore Rural(D),Karnataka,South India. she have many devotees.they are spreding allover the India.All devotees come, pray near the goddess and solving the problems.Every day more devotees are visited this place.

We are compare Shree Devi with a Nature.she is only reason for all birth in this world.Behind ohm Saving the nature and Destroying the nature ,there are two energys are there.Like this Shree Mahadevi spread into Shree Mahalaksmi Devi,Shree MahaSaraswthi Devi and Shree Maha Parvathi Devi. These Three goddess with Shree Chakra stayed in this village.After The Birth of world the humuns needs physical and Mental energy.Shree MahaSaraswthi Devi gives Both energy and protect the world.

Intial stage of Earth,the humans called Shree Mahalaksmi Devi .After the Natural Disaster all humuns and livinghoods are breath under Shree Mahalaksmi Devi.she gives all wealth and pleasure .blessing all the leavinghood in the world.At the time of destroying the world Shree Devi convert from Shree Mahakali into Shree Maha Parvathi Devi and Shree Maha Parvathi Devi convert into ThreeShakthi.this ThreeShakthi protects allover the world.Shree ThreeShakthi Devi stayed allover the India in many names and blessings all people.Goddess Shree Aadiparashakti stayed in KalluDevanahalli,Doddaballapura(TQ),Bengalore Rural(D),Karnataka,South India.


1st year anual celebration