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The object of SANGEETA SAMBHARAM is essentially opening up the rich treasure trove of sanatana samskriti our own culture heritage especially the Dasa Sahitya and the highest human value it propagated well before any modern philosophical thought evolved.

Progeny of the renowned singer and bharatnatyam exponent Smt Ramaa, institution named as Sangeeta Sambhrama, had the sole intention of spreading the light of knowledge among people especially our youth and introducing them to the essence of life as sung in the Dasara Padagalu by the Dasa sect of 14th century and beyond. it is suprisesing to note that the youth,usually septic about such ideas, stood behind this Herculean effort and extend their co-operation.

Aimed at proliferating the essence of dasa sahitya, which is found to be mare relevant in these tumultuous days , Sangeeta Sambhrama very aptly chose the field of culture and performing arts to fructify its aspiration. Backed by the support of both connoisseurs’ and common man and Government soon the Sangeeta Sambhrama was making its foray into the field of drama, music, publication etc.

The organization which is regularly celebrating Purandarotsava, had found its new meaning this year, as this happens to be the 450th year of Purandara Jayanthi.

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The Bangalore-based Sangeetha Sambrama, Institution of Music and Dance, is organising a national music and dance festival Titled ‘Nirantaram’, the event will feature performances by several noted musicians.



The name Purandara Dasa stir umpteen number of emotions in the heart. He was the one who let the essence of life reach easily, beautifully and succinctly into the heart of common man.